All you do is Win Win Win!


This blog is my new baby so I decided to hold a contest for the 13th subscriber. The 13th person to sign up and subscribe to AlwaysRadiantEveryday would will a goodie bag of some cosmetics and other girlie goodies. Well I would like to send big congrats out to Markicha Alcide for being the 13th person to subscribe. You’re probably wondering, “why the #13?” Well, people tend to associate bad luck and misfortune with that number, i.e. “Friday the 13th.”  So, I wanted to bless someone  with opportunity  of winning goodies in association with the number 13. The winner has been notified and will be receiving her goodies very soon. Special thanks to all of the other subscribers! Love you guys! Thanks so much for showing love in your comments, and supporting and subscribing to this blog. There will be other fun contests and give-aways in the near future. So make sure you stayconnected. Feel free to share this blog with your family and friends. Thanks so much and God bless!




What are your thoughts?

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