I woke up this morning (That in itself is enough!) but earlier than usual. I looked to the left at my husband all bundled up like a burrito. I looked back at my vintage Casio watch that looks like something from the Back to the Future movie. 5:43am.


I raised my right armed and whispered under my breath, “Thank you, Thank you Lord.”

(sigh) I woke up today. I laid there til about 6am, bladder full but I was still in my praise and in my thoughts. The alarm on my watch went off and my husband jumped outta bed to start his routine for work. *He’s somewhat of a machine. I love that guy!*

Today marks the 72 hrs from Monday, I though to myself. I finally managed to get outta bed, joy hit me as soon as my feet touched the floor. I started jumping around and being a goof ball with my husband as he brushed his teeth. *I’m always in good spirits in the morning* He looked over his shoulder at me a smiled with the toothbrush hanging from his mouth.

I felt a lil extra silly this morning.

He eventually left for work… I take my time as most of us women do because our routines call for a lot more primping and priming. I kicked myself because I forgot to put on my satin scarf before I went to bed. My 16 inch remy sew-in was doing it own unscripted thing. Ughh! More work, more time… primping and priming.

After I was done… I stood there for a long while looking at myself in the mirror and that joy did it own thing within me because I “cut the rug” in the bathroom praising God. I praised him for all the victories, miraclea and testimonies that were underway. Not just mine but of those around me. God is doing a work!

I eventually concluded my praise *at least for now* and finished up getting ready for work. Black knee-length flair skirt, royal blue v-neck top and a black laced vest. Under the mountain of shoes in my closet… the blue flats were what I needed. I threw those in my bag and put on my houndstooth patterned galoshes instead.

I have an internal interview at 2:30pm this afternoon.  Greater Pay!  Its 2:09pm right now at this very moment. Am I nervous? NO! But I’ll tell you what I am though… I’m EXPECTING some great results.

Heck Yeah! *Fist pumps*

Its 2:10pm…. My interview is in 20 minutes and I’m walking in with a smile and God on my side!



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  1. Ericka says:

    Girl You will get it because you are a child of God and he says so. Just be confident. I got a job yesterday with that attitude after 10 months of no job. God is truly in the miracle business right now just believe.

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