A potter is a skilled artizan worker who makes divers, vessels and pots from clay with the use of his hands.  He takes his time to craft each piece with the use of his hands and a spining wheel. Most of the plates, bowls and vases that we use on a day to day basis have been created by another person.

Isaiah 64:8 says, “Yet you, LORD, are our Father. We are the clay, you are the potter; we are all the work of your hand.”

I’m using this scripture to show how God, the Master Artist has crafted each of us….

God has taken his time fashioning each one of us just the way he wants us. He has made us different sizes, he has painted us various shades. He has also given us various features that make us all unique and apart from one another. He made some of us thick-hipped, and others, petite. He made some of us with short and others with legs as long  as the wind.  God created us in his image. Gen 1.27. 

It makes me wonder how God feels when we permanently change his creation by means of plastic surgery.  If you have ever created anything that you were pleased with…. (((as God is pleased in all of us and how we look.)))  Would you be upset or saddened to see something that you created and took time to put together, changed by someone else. If someone came in your house and redecorated… what would be your reaction? Say someone else comes along and says…. “I dont like this. This is ugly” and changed what you created. How would you feel? 

I wonder how God feels when we say, “I hate the nose you gave me God… I’m gonna fix it.” LOL! Often times making it look worse than you thought it did before. When people get plastic surgery and alter their look, it is showing that they aren’t appreciative of their God given attributes?

I realize this can be a touchy area for most, especially women. What are your thoughts? It’s your floor!

One thought on “reCreate

  1. Keisha D. says:

    I think it depends on the reasoning behind the person wanting the plastic surgery. I personally wear a 42DD bra size (yes I just said, and my back hurts more often than it does not. So if I had 10 grand would I get a breast reduction? Oh yes, just a sure as my name is Keisha. Why? Because my back hurts!! In my opinion getting plastic surgery because of health and pain issues are acceptable.. anything else is a no-no.

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