Waaaay back before i can even remember i have always been super creative. My mom says it comes from her, but i have just recently found my father’s side of the family and was told that he was a photographer. I also have a love for photography… hence all the pictures on my facebook page! *giggles*  So i beg to differ with my mother about the whole creativety just solely coming from her DNA.

I love art… all kinda art. I’m inspired by various different things and people around me. Music inspires my creatively ability. When i am in a happy place i create more and I find myself starting new projects. Lately I’ve been creating pieces here and there. I find it therapeutic. I’m able to express what’s in my heart on canvas or on whatever medium is acessible at the moment. I remember a time in my life where i totally gave up on art. I wanted to go to a magnet art school for high school and I went to the auditions for a week and i was not accepted. Crushed my world. I started to doubt my ability and I threw out all of my work, all of my drawings and sketches. i remembered my old art teacher from elementary school, Mr. Smith. He would say, “Pee Wee you draw really well, I want to take you and a few other students to paint on the McDonald’s window for Christmas.”  The McDonald’s on 183rd and 47th Avenue. We would go on field trips to McDonalds and paint a Christmas theme on the windows… or paint a theme for whatever holiday was approaching. i remembered being “chosen”… not just by my art teacher but by God. I knew in my heart that my sketching on the desks weren’t in vain. It was something that was in me and that I loved to do, so why should I let one teacher…. cause me to give up my passion, just because I wasn’t chosen. God had other plans for me… He didnt want me to attend that school. Actually, i am glad i didn’t. Because i love the HS i went to. I wouldn’t have had it any other way! The drawing and creative side never stopped. It won’t stop!  I’ll forever be making something… whether it be painting, glueing, sewing, or beatin’ faces… i’m just that kinda girl! Here is some work that I recently did.  people ask all the time…. do i sell my work? Well… i guess i can. If someone wants a piece made then i would…. i guess. Who knows… *shrugs*…. i dont know…. It makes me feel good to create., thats all i know!

                      I created this piece for my living room, Its called “Traffic“.

I’. still working on this… it’s letter canvases for my friend, Ghia’s new baby’s room. His name is Jayden…. I’ll keep you posted on the outcome!

This is also a painting I painted for my living room, called, Treasure in the Wilderness

One thought on “artTherapy

  1. sepiabrown says:

    When I initially saw “Traffic” I was inspired to do something of my own. I’m waiting to move into a new, more “me” space then I’ll create a few things. Thanks so much for sharing.

    Thank God for blessing your hands 🙂

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