Where It’s @!

So, I’m a huge online shopper! I like getting goodies in the mail and when they come, boy does it feel like Christmas.  I recently ordered some items from Ebay. I like to try my hand at great deals and bid on items and see if I canwin. If the prices start getting ridiculously high, I’ll withdraw from the bid all together…. I not into being ripped off on purpose.

So, I just ordered some new makeup brushes, No…not the fake MAC ones on Ebay. I order a basic set of 24 brushes from a wholesaler and I bought about 50 pigments and glitters. I am a makeup junkie… so what! LOL! Actually, I’m  building my MUA kit. What’s an MUA kit? Its a Make-Up Artist Kit. My kit is pretty built. I just enjoy adding different products to it all together. I also ordered some more disposable applicators for my clients… so the they are kept free from germs and to keep things sanitized. I ❤ my clients!!!! I am excited about the upcoming clients that are coming my way. Thank you Jesus!  I’m doing make-up for a beautiful bride this coming July… super excited acout that and I have a few other gigs lined up. I’m stoked!

Man… Ebay has been tripping…. well lemme stop! It’s not Ebay it’s the sellers… the items that I ordered were delayed initially due to the Chinese New Year celebrations in Hong Kong, which ended on the 7th of Feb. Then I received an email saying there might be further delays to my shipment because of the bad weather in the UK. Uggghhhh! *Pushes the PATIENCE button and waits for it to download* Whinin’ like a baby, “I want my stuff, I didnt delay in paying for it shoot!”

Uggghhh…. the joys of online shopping, right?! *Blank stare, sad face*

My next online order will be a vanity table that I saw on Amazon.com. Wont be coming from China, I know that! I usually sit and apply makeup in the master bathroom above the sink.  No anymore! Upgrade time! I decided to tidy up the bathroom a bit and give my hubby his space back. I he purchased a train case for me so that I can have something to storage and something to transport all of my cosmetics in. This thing is huge and it rocks….

This bad boy got wheels and alot of storage space! Pound YES!

The vanity table will be a spot for me to sit and do my makeup, with better lighting and a magnification mirror. Its gonna be real fancy-like. I’m so excited. Hey, where do you ladies do your make-up? Do you spend time over the bathroom sink? Or are you a Glam-Rusher… and just slather it on in the car? LOL… lemme know.

Okay, back to this vanity table. Its cappuchino brown and match the woodwork in my bedroom. It also comes with a lil’ cushioned stool for me to sit on while I’m getting “dollified”. <—- I just made up that word, don’t laugh.

My next order will probably be lashes. I need a wholesale batch for my clients. *wink wink*

Are any of you ladies into online shopping? If so whats your favorite sites to browse and shop on?  What kinds of items do you usually purchase online?

Side note: I love my CRAFT! Thank You Jesus for the Ability!

This weekend is gonna be fun, lots of events going on… Bridal Showers, Birthday Parties, and Valentine’s Day festivities. I’ll be sure to post pics of anything exciting on my next entry. God bless you all…. thanks for stopping by…  This big heart is for all of my Subbies! Love you Guys!

Always Radiant Errrday!

One thought on “Where It’s @!

  1. TecarraRene says:

    Love the post…. I too love to do online shopping.. Some of my fav sites are ASOS, lulus, make me chic… I visit often, and a new vintage site I found… I actually planning on ordering something for a new client.. Online shopping is the ish!

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