My hair just won’t do right!! Why??


A Hot Oily Mess…. Thats why!

This product is simply grease in a can. Personally, I hate oil sheen and I do not use it on my clients. A can of oil sheen should last you about 10 years. I know you think I am kidding, but I am so for real. If used properly, a can of oil sheen should last you a decade. Most hair dressers that work in a salon will go through abour 2 to 6 cans per year. Exceptt the stylists down south, where oil sheen is 2nd nature. You stylist sprays oil sheen on your hair in hopes that it will leave your hair pretty and shiny…. and it does. The problem, however, is that the stylist wants to see the shine ASAP after spraying, causing them to spray waaaay too much oils on your expensive hair style. Sometimes the fog from the spray is so thick you can hardly breathe. Let alone it gets on your skin and face and that’s a whole ‘notha chapter I won’t even get into today.

Your hair, that you paid for will be left shiny and greasy, leaving you to sleep sittin’ up to keep the style fresh and to keep your pillowcases from being greased up.

You hands natural contain oils so when you run your fingers through your tress, you deposit natual oils and other dirt into your hair unvoluntaily.

Thats why you notice a fresh weave beginning to have buildup and it doesnt flow like it used to….. Time for a WASH/Co-wash!

Oil Sheen is a finishing sheen spray, it should be used very very sparingly, 12-16 inches away from the hair, allowing the mist to fall lightly on a finished hair style. Oil sheen can also be used to base the scalp when hair is kinky, short or very tighly coiled before you apply a relaxer. *Relaxer is another enemy of mine, which I won’t get into today unless I’m provoked, into writing my Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow blog. *

I see wraps with natural hair and weaves drinched in oil. Uggghhh!  Greasy forheads and necks No Ma’m! Oil shouldn’t be put on free flowing styles. Dont be tempted just because you want it to shine. If you are noticing your hair or weaves loose their lustre….don’t look around…. its… operator’s error…. something you aren’t doing right or using.

In my opinion, “Oil sheen is to WD-40 as Cake is to Cupcakes.”

I’ll take the Cupcakes!


2 thoughts on “My hair just won’t do right!! Why??

  1. Latoya Daniels says:

    Rae!!!!!! I am so glad that you posted this. I HATE OIL SHEEN!!!!! I don’t use any oil on my hair because by day two I have a break out on my face from oil. Or my hair won’t move.

    This is great information for those that don’t know any better.

    Thanks for posting this.

  2. Essence says:

    OMG… no Oils?! Now I am in agreement about not using oil sheen but I use lots of other oils ( Castor, Olive, Moroccan, etc) on my hair which is great for sealing my hair after i moisturizer it

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