Art By Rae Update…

Ok…. so this weekend that just passed, I attended a babyshower for a good friend of mine. She attends my church. She is having a boy, his name will be Jayden. She’s due somewhere around the week of April 29th. She and her husband are in the process of decorating the baby’s new room and she wanted to shy away from the traditional baby boy colors.

Powder blues, pastel yellows and greens, and even browns.

So I created this Name Canvas for Baby’s Jayden’s room. The meduim I used  to produce this were stretched canvas and acrylic paints. These products can be found at your local craft store. I used most of the primary colors so that as Baby Jayden gets older, these colors can go with him as his wonderful parents change the decor/furniture in his room from infant to toddler. Here is the progression and the final presentation of My gift to Ghia, Greg and baby Jayden. They Loved It!

I don’t have a business or an art gallery that showcases any of my work except the art that I have personally done for myself and kept for myself in my home.  I am open to creating  pieces for others but this is very time comsuming, so I do it when time permits and it usually takes me a while because I have other things in going on. I do not recreat the same pieces twice. Sorry, no dupes! Thanks and I hope you Enjoy.

The Big Reveal…. ❤

“On the inside I’m just a little girl holding a paintbrush”–Rae

Always… Radiant…Everyday!

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