To Pole or not to Pole!?


You might be reading this and think, Pole. Pole equates Stripper!

What is Pole Fitness?

Pole fitness is a program of exercise centered around aerobics/gymnastics performed on a pole. *raised eyebrow*  Pole dancing exercises are a modern alternative to aerobics workout developed by Dr. Kenneth Cooper, author of the first aerobics book published in 1968, but popularized by Jane Fonda in the early 1980s.

Pole Dancing tones up the whole body giving beautiful definition to the arms, thigh, abs and shoulders. IMPROVE  your confidence, self – esteem, body awareness and body shape. Exotic lap dancing lessons are not only a funny pastime at those parties, but a great way to make a bride-to-be stay fit for the honeymoon, because feeling sexy is also about improving the body’s shape and flexibility, besides strengthen it.


Back in the day….

Pole dancing has been around the US for many years starting around the 1920’s or the time of the Great Depression where dance performers initiated a pole into their routines, however more recently the dance has often been used in Gentlemen’s or strip clubs. Pole Dancing to be recognized as a and is now recognized as a true form of exercise training has toned down the sex appeal with the exercise providing many attributes of fitness. The growth is so large that the industry is currently developing qualified trainers to meet this growing demand. In the past, pole dancing was an activity primarily practiced by strippers. However, with women looking for ways that are more creative to tone up, many have found pole dancing to be an excellent core workout. Pole dancing is now viewed by many as a form of dancing aerobics, as it involves a mixture of dancing and gymnastics. More advanced levels of pole dancing require a significant amount of endurance, flexibility, and strength – particularly in the core region.

Some women enjoy throwing “pole parties” where they hire an instructor with a portable stripper pole to stop by and give private lessons. *Wink Wink married ladies!*

Another benefit of pole dancing classes is you improve flexibility. Because you are swinging around on a pole and maneuvering your body around the pole, it helps loosen and limber your muscles and make you more flexible. It also helps boost your self-confidence and self-esteem. You start to feel better about yourself and about your body. Even if you are overweight or otherwise have issues with the way you look, once you get the hang of it you start to feel sexy and confident. You can even show off your new-found skills to your husband in the bedroom. This is definitely a perk and he can see how beautiful and sexy you feel.

In my neckawoods, there was KOD, Rolexxx, Take One and Mint Lounge. Post Miami there was a Magic City and Strokers. <—-and NO i am not advertising for them… and in no way do I endorse them… I’m saved, born again and filled with the Holy Spirit and I still live in this world so I do know the names of these venues. Lets be fa Real nah! LOL!

So…. I’m thinking of getting one installed in my home, not to practice being a stripper, but because I like the fitness part of it and its a great spicer-up for those who are married and wanna bring some fun to the situation. *add kool-smile here* I’m still shopping around for the best price and quality pole, with my hubby’s support. *add another big grin smile here*  The whole Pole Fitness world is quite interesting.  A lot of people my have their feelings about walking into a home and seeing a pole in the living room or den. There won’t be strippers in or about my house, you can bet that! So Ladies……? How do you feel about having a pole installed in your home? What are your views…

Would you pole or not!?

Meanwhile, click this link to see Pole Dancing and integrated fitness. Her arms and legs are the truth!



4 thoughts on “To Pole or not to Pole!?

  1. Sheila says:

    Yes, I so much agree with that..Pole dancing can built up a lot of confidence in a person..And I do like the fact that it can help you tone your body..I wouldn’t mind a Pole in my house, just as long as I use it for the right purpose and not stripper lessons..

  2. Latoya Daniels says:

    I would definitely pole… I have been thinking about getting one myself…. I am just waiting to move into my home and then it’s on!!

  3. sandra joseph says:

    Pole!I’m single but when I get married, pole dancing is something that I would be interested in. If my husband likes it and it only involves us…is not scripturally forbidden…it gets my vote!!!(:

  4. Victoria says:

    I say “To Pole”! Although, I’ve never tried it, I could see how it would be a beneficial workout. It does require one to use certain areas and muscles to be able to maneuver on a pole. AND, I can also see how this could be an interesting addition to one’s home (married folks, now!). Yup, there will be one in my home when I’m married – workout and then a show!

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