Just Snappin’

Random Thinkin’

Anyone who knows Rae, knows that Rae loves the arts! Many of my acquaintances that have known me from elementary school know that I would always be doodling or sketching on either the desk or my notebook. Any blank space was room for me to GO! I was going through my 2nd laptop and I though to myself, “Mannnn, I have zillions of pictures.” I actually have an innate obsession with snapping pictures. When I was a kid I wanted to be several things when I grew up. At first I wanted to be a Chemist…. Mom nurtured that by getting me a chemistry set. After that, I wanted to be a Photographer. I loved pictures… both taking them and being in them. I enjoyed the story that a picture can tell without words. 

People who are connected to me now always say, “Girl you take pictures of everything!” I will admit, “I do!” I recently found my father’s side of the family. Can you believe it? Twenty-nine years later I reconnect and learn some interesting things about my paternal side of the family. My father is a photographer. WOW! So that’s where it comes from. I think they said he was a photographer for a Newspaper in the Bahamas. How interesting to find that out! Discovering that fact about my father really made me smile because it was a link that affirmed why I like what I like.

Now… I’m not gonna go out and become a photographer even though I believe I have an eye for it. But, I do think I will go out and get me a new Canon PowerShot and play around with its features. I think it goes hand in hand with my work as a Make-Up Artist, to be able to shoot some of my own work and build my portfolio. 

I am thankful to God everyday for the ability to create and I also thank God for self-discovery. Its funny because…. no matter how much we think we know ourselves. We really don’t. God, at anytime can peel back a layer and reveal the root of another part of ourselves to ourselves. 

Thanks God!



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