The New Crime Wave of Weave Bandits

In a recent article that I read spoke of robbers that are breaking into beauty salons and beauty supply stores and stealing expensive packages of weaves.  In my mind, these bandits have to be females because they are bypassing the cheap and synthetic stuff and getting the weaves worth the big bucks. Assumming that guys wouldn’t know what brand hair to take unless they did hair themselves. The New York Times reported that some crooks broke into a hair salon in Houston, Texas and made off with $150,o00 in hair weaves.

I’m pretty sure that this stolen weave will be sold on the black market to customers on the street, ebay and wherever else to make their pockets fat. I have come across a lot of different hustlers in my day, from boosters who sold designer “knock off” and occasionally authentic clothing and handbags to those who boosted designer frangrances. I’ve even ran into people who sold indian hair but I never assummed that they stole hair.  In my naive and childlike mind I want to believe people pay and invest hard money to set up businesses where they can make a profit. Unfortunately, that is not the day and age we are living in. This has to be a great loss for the owners of the salon and hopefully enough they have some sort of coverage that will compensate. I’m glad to know that no one was hurt during any of these robberies. Thank you Lord!

In all honesty, I would not want to rock some hair that I stole from somewhere. I have too much integrity for that. I remember when I was a kid and I would steal something… God always made a way for what I stole to either break or become ruined. In my younger, less Christ-conscious days… I never could keep anything I stole long enough to enjoy it. I don’t think that those bandits that steal hair  from respectable salons and stores would broadcast their heist to their customers. At least I hope not. I remember when I worked in Atlanta at Sunnys Hair & Wigs. This was the premiere spot where you can buy beautiful weaves, wigs and hair other accessories smack dab in the heart of Buckhead. These girls would come in the shop and look around with this dude, they wouldn’t buy anything but they would come in to see how many of us worked that day and how busy we were. The last time they came, they came in and had one of the girls distract us while the other one walk out the door with some expensive hair. We went after her in a near by parking lot with Atlanta Police on speed dial…I know… bold move! She refused to give up the hair and proceeded to argue about it. If you can’t afford $500 hair then wear what you can afford and be happy.  I believe in staying in my lane and eventually I will get there. It’s a shame that people will risk their freedom for the sake of vanity…. I guess “Cousin It” needed some new tracks!


How can you be Always Radiant Everyday with stolen tresses? Uh uh boo boo! That’s a fail!

If you are interested in reading the original news articles click here:

Hey “A.R.E”, Where do you get that good hair from?

Shout out to my family over at Sunnys Hair in Atlanta… Check them out girls!

Also check out my girl over at Far East Tress

or her Far East Tress YouTube Page as she explains in full detail on how to maintain your tresses:

What are your thoughts?

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