Severing Affliations & Resurrecting Faith

I was on youtube today and I watched a video from one of the youtubers talking about people denouncing sororities and fraternities and other greek lettered organizations. This was news to me because I have been out of college for a while and out of the scope of anything greek related. I have also been unactive from all 3 organizations that I joined…. I’ll explain why later. While some people are content with being  surface Christians… My desire is to dig and press into the heart of God because I desired to know what he wants and what his good and perfect will is for my life. Throughout my life I have been through various stages and transitions.  ” The makings of me” I’m sure those who have known me can attest. I went from being lost to being found and anchored in Christ, walking as a delivered, renewed, restored and redeemed woman of God. Daily, I ask the Holy Spirit to lead and guide me, for God to illuminate my path so show me things that I am ignorant to.  Psalms 119:105 reminds me that, “God’s Word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path.” I ask God for wisdom and understand concerning all matters and affairs in my life. In my latter years in college… I began to yearn for a closer walk with God. I had given my life over to Christ when I 15 and I also accepted the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues at that time. My lifestyle in HS and college didn’t quite represent my confession, I was in and out repeatedly. A backslider, if you will.  You name it, I probably did it. But, that’s what people do when they don’t have a sincere heart for God. They get caught up in various and diverse things that pull them away from God’s will for their lives for a season. Furthermore,  in drawing closer to Christ…I had to separate from quite a few things and people. Things that didn’t contribute but hinder my growth spiritually. Included in those were organizations that I had become attached to. Trust me, I know we aren’t suppose to question God, but I did and I couldn’t understand why he wanted me to come out from amongst them and I struggled with that for a while. I would grow increasingly uncomfortable at functions, events, and even wearing  certain paraphenalia. God was telling me then, “to be separate and come from amongst them.”  II Corinthians 6:17.  Please believe me when I say that its not about the people, the people weren’t bad. I have since continued in pursuing meaningful relationships with some of the people who are still connected.  God he pulled me apart for a greater purpose…He didn’t want my alligence there. I just had to be obedient to God even if it meant losing friends or having people talk down at you for turning your back on something that you pledged to.  At the end of the day, what you do for God will matter and real friend stick along. The more I grew in Christ, the negativity from other people ceased to affect me because I know who I am in Christ and I know that I was obedient to him and what he told me to do. I had to redirect my allegiance back to Christ and that’s what I did. It can be a lonely process because when God speaks in this manner he isn’t speaking to the whole group participating members in those organizations. He was speaking directly to me and that phase of my life at that point in time.  So, imagine weening away and having the other members ask you why you haven’t been to a meeting in so long, trying to be vague and trying not to offend. Eventually, you have to come clean and not be ashamed. Most if all, you can NOT be ashamed of standing for Christ. Luke 9:26 says, If anyone is ashamed of me and my words, the Son of Man will be ashamed of him when he comes in his glory and in the glory of the Father and of the holy angels. I still talk to various different people, I am no longer active.

So today after, I watched that particular video on youtube. I googled “Denouncing Sororities and fraternities” to investigate what may have prompted this young lady to post this particulr video on youtube and to see what reasons would invoke others to want to denounce their former organization. I stumbled upon a link to this site. You can click to read if you’d like. After I read it, I was like WOW! I was at a lost for words and my mouth was on the floor. We are never alone.

My final thoughts after reading the article were this: ” God has a defined path for everyone that he has created. If you have a cultivated relationship with him and he speaks to you, listen! If he gives direction to you for the betterment of your life, obey and follow those directions. Everyone’s testimony may not be the same, but only what you do for Christ will remain. ”

There’s a book that’s available on Amazon that coat tails with this post.

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Have you read the link?

Any thoughts?

-I can’t allow my light to be dimmed I have been purposed to be

Always Radiant Everyday!-

A FRIENDLY DISCLAIMER *This post isn’t intended to provoke controversy, heresy, confusion or negativity towards any past, current or prospective member of any organization, whether it be a greek or non-greek lettered organization or club. I promote peace and the love of God at all times.

What are your thoughts?

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