Always Radiant Everyday has RELOCATED!!!!!

Hello Everyone! Thanks so much for coming to check out my new blog. I decided to relocate to another blog location because I wasn’t quite satisfied with some of the features from my previous site and I wanted to give you guys my BEST! I want to show love to all of my subscribers from my other blog and thank you for coming over to the new location and subscribing. I really appreciate you guys for that and it truly means the world to me. If you are checking out this blog for the 1st time, don’t hesitate to subscribe and leave comments. *I don’t bite!* I will be posting here periodically and sharing with you some of my latest makeup looks on both myself and clients. You will be able to view my YouTube video directly from my blog as well. I will also be sharing with you tips, tricks and products and I love and that I think are blog-worthy enough to share with you. There will also be contests and subscriber giveaways!! If you have comments, questions or would like to request a look tutorial… this is the place to share and let me know what you want to see. Most of you know that I recently got the ball rolling with my YouTube channel. I want to thank those who encouraged me to make time, step out there and share my talent with the world. XOXO!


What are your thoughts?

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