Pravana Intense Therapy Leave-In Treatment

Just last week at school my instructor was blow drying her hair and she was using this leave-in hydrating spray in her hair. She is also a natural girl. I reached for the bottle, smelled it and then proceeded to spray it in my hair and OMG! My hair loves this stuff. *You are probaby like “how do you know your hair loves this stuff already?” Well after leaving class, my hair… in the same section that I sprayed the product to, was sooo soft and so moist. My hair responded very well to it… When I got back to school the following evening i told my instructor how my hair felt after I used her leave-in spray and she actually gave me a bottle. I was in heaven! The product that I am gabbing about is the Pravana Intense Therapy Leave-In Treatment. Its a salon professional product and it retails about $10 for the 3.4oz and $14 to 20 for the 10oz bottle. This stuff is GREAT! I am really looking forward in testing of some of the other products from this line because this is an EXCELLENT leave-in treatment for my hair. I would definitely recommend this other women whether natural or relaxed. It’s a bit pricey, but its worth it when it comes to the health of my natural coils. You can also find this item on, here’s the link:

This product is a Two-phase treatment: Pravana Intense Therapy Leave-In Treatment is an instant hair moisturizer. Its rich botanical protein and moisturizing ingredients soften, detangle, and provide deep hydration without weighing hair down.The PRAVANA hydrating regimen is designed to instantly transform coarse, dry or frizzy hair to a smoother, softer texture.

Check it out!

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