NYX Lipsticks Review + Swatches

On my anniversary trip, I was provided the luxury of shopping at a few of my favorite cosmetic stores. Ulta and Sephora! Yay! While in Ulta I grabbed a few items that I had been eying for a moment and finally got the opportunity to purchase.One of those items being NYX Lip Smacking Fun Colors Lipstick. 

I purchased Castle (top) and Echo (bottom). Here below are the swatches of them both. These are very creamy lip sticks and they are super blend-able. Let’s start with Castle (lavender/Lt. purple)… I wanted sort of a light lavender matte lip color and this lipstick comes off a bit frosty with a hint of shimmer but it will do just fine because I tend to mix and blend my lip colors anyway. Depending on your complexion, you might want to wear this lip color with a slightly darker yet corresponding lip liner. Wearing lip liner helps prevent the lipstick from bleeding past your natural lip line and it also serves in defining the natural shape of your lips. Echo…(nude color) which is a nude lipstick. On first glance it almost looks like a concealer. It will do great at canceling out the natural lip color. My main purpose for purchasing this is to mix it with some tinted lip gloss and other lipsticks when I’m looking for a hint of pink or mauve color. What I like about this lipstick is that it doesn’t dry my lips out like some lipsticks can. These lipsticks have a thin consistency when first applied which again, makes them very blend-able. They are also very pigmented. I’m looking forward to doing some looks with these in the future. Enjoy!

What are your thoughts?

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