Skin Exfoliating

I’m an avid makeup wearer and I am also an Esthetician so skin care is a value of mine as well as the practice of exfoliating my skin regularly. In my teens I suffered from acne, blemishes, breakout of every sort and I also never incorporated this practice into just washing my face. Occasionally, I’ll get a hormonal breakout of at least one pimple or whitehead…. and yes, I still freak out like a teen when that ugly monster manifests on the surface of my skin and I go into combat mode pulling on my special treatments and products within my sink cave cabinets. Since I have Combination/Oily skin (oilier in this sweltering, humid Florida climate) I have to exfoliate more often just to keep the oil from creating a permanent home in my pores.

All skin should be exfoliated, especially oily, dry and mature skin. Oily Skin should be exfoliated to reduce the natural occurrence of sebum (oil) build-up on the skin and to prevent pores from become clogged. On Dry Skin dead skin cells accumulate quicker resulting in a dull appearance to the skin, exfoliating dry skin allows for moisture absorption that may be naturally inhibited.
Unless you have extremely sensitive skin or a skin disorder or some sort… exfoliate can greatly benefit your skin.

~Quick History~

Exfoliation is a cosmetic technique that involves sloughing off the oldest dead skin on the epidermal layers of the skin. This procedure is involved in the process of all facials, chemical peels and microdermabrasion treatments at medical spas. The etymology of the word exfoliate is of Latin origin, from the word: exfoliare which means to “strip off leaves.”[1] When you skin is younger it tends to renew itself every month, as we get older that process slows down. A gentle exfoliation routine will allow your skin the cycle of renewal and leave you with healthy and smooth skin.

Here are some simple rules in regards to exfoliating your skin:

* Make sure that you are using exfoliation products that contain sphere-shaped granules so that you don’t scrap and cut your skin.
* Always exfoliate on damp skin, make sure that you wet your face with warm water first.
* Using exfoliation pads or a soft facial brush in circular motions for about 2 minutes will remove dead skin and encourage brand new cells to flourish on your face.
* You should exfoliate your skin at least twice a week. If you have oilier skin you might want to do it more often than twice a week and less often if you have sensitive skin.
Just like the Dos… there are also DON’Ts as well…
DON’T use a body scrub on your face because they contain larger and rougher grains that can cause skin irritation on the sensitive areas of the face. 
DON’T scrub or tug under the eyes because they skin in that region is the thinnest skin on the body and it doesn’t need to be exfoliated.
The Tools:

My Favorite Scrubs

The Results should be:  A glowing complexion, less visible fine lines, and softer radiant skin. : )
My hubby works in the sun so he allowed me to exfoliated his skin and now we do a routine of it because if I have great skin, he must also. It’s only fair!
Always Radiant : )


One thought on “Skin Exfoliating

  1. says:

    St. Ives is by far my favorite exfoliator… It's a classic. Thanks for the reminder. I need to pick up some more.

    Their apricot scrub is the best. I even use it on my shoulders to prevent breakouts.

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