Essence of Beauty Brow/Lid Kit Haul/Review

I was in CVS Friday evening after work looking for some shampoo and I couldn’t help but stop by the Cosmetic section. *Imagine that*  I stumbled across this Essence of Beauty Brow/Lid Kit for $6.99. Of course I probably don’t need this but the price was very affordable and I love Kits! I also wanted to review this product in case some of you ladies saw it but didn’t buy it because you were unsure how to use it.

Essence of Beauty Brow & Lid Kit
This kit is pretty cool because it contains some items that assist in sculpting the brows. This is a great kit for beginners or those who want to practice making their  brows fierce. 
The contents are: a trio eyeshadow, 3 brow stencils, a dual-sided pencil pencil (black/brown), a brow color duo palette, angled eyeliner brush, a dual-side eyeshadow and smudge brush.

Trio Eyeshadow and Duo Brow Color
IMO: What I like about this palette are the eyebrow stencils. I freehand my own brows and don’t use stencils but they are nice to have. I love the Duo Brow color and I can use this to fill in the brows instead of using the pencil if I decided. As far as the eyeshadow…. I’m not really feeling the color section that they choose to make the shadows, they are pigment enough to give off a subtle look especially on lighten skin complexions.

If you were really looking to make your brows ultra sculpted you would definitely need to use a concealer with this kit to sculpt around your brows to make them more defined and precise, if not then this kit will give you that nice natural brow. I was wondering why on Earth the people over at Essence of Beauty failed to put a spooly or eyebrow comb/brush in this kit. If you don’t already have one, you may want to pick one up. It look like this:

I will be doing a tutorial on my YouTube channel with this product and how to do a simple everyday look. Stay tuned for the video… entitled, ” Essence of Beauty Brow/Lid Tutorial/Look”

Always Radiant : )

What are your thoughts?

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