"Girl… Where you get that hair from?"

Photo from http://www.marginalnotes.typepad.com/

It’s an old hype to some, but there are all kinds of weaves ranging from your “synthethic” much cheaper blends to the more expensive types. Virgin Indian, Malaysian, Eurasian Hair is not be confused with Remi/Remy packaged hair that is sold at the beauty supply store. This hair isn’t sold in a fancy packet or box. It’s not packaged in nice wrapping paper either. Don’y get me wrong, the Remy/Remi hair that is sold in the beauty supply stores is of good quality as well, except REMI/REMY hair has been PROCESSED for texture and color, that is why you can buy it in different colors labeled 1, 1B, 2, 4 and so on. It is not VIRGIN or in its rare form.
 Personally, being a self-proclaimed expert in weaves and quality hair extensions… I fancy the more expensive, quality hair. Professionally, I recommend that my clients get quality hair if they are going to wear a sew-in for any long duration of time, simply because you want the style to last and the hair to look like new even if the sew-in is a few weeks old. Have you ever bought hair and withing a few weeks the hair began to mat up and become dull and lifeless? I know I have in the past and I have learned that sometimes you get what you pay for and my hair isn’t something that I choose to skimp on.
I’ve been wearing and doing hair for over 5 years and I’ve had my run-ins with different brands and types of hair over the entire course of my life. I’ve had my share of matted napes and ratty weaves. When I was a resident of Atlanta, I was privledged enough to work with some some great people at Sunny’s Hair and Wigs. It was a great time for me where I learned some trade secrets with some of the industry’s best. I was also given the ablility to be a consultant to some of Atlanta’s elite and give my advise and expertise of various hair weaving techniques and product demonstrations. The opportunity started off as an non-paying position but we were given a hair stipend, which enabled me to choose any of the quality hair in the store to wear. So of course that’s where my love for Indian Hair sprang into full force and I have been spoiled every since.
Recently, relocating to North Florida I havent found any actual shops in the city that retail indian hair and not too many woman in the city wear Indian hair, at least I haven’t seen any. So I’ve been relying on my resources in Atlanta to keep a sistah hooked up.
 Let me give you a little history lesson on Virgin Indian Hair:
This hair is normally obtained from India and other parts of the world. India is a country dominated with huge a religious population of Hindus. Hinduism is a religion consisting of various myths and beliefs in the name of faith. One such belief in Hinduism is sacrificing one’s hair in the name of their Hindu god. Donating hair to god is an ancient practice which has been going on for centuries in India. Hair, for most people, is what defines their physical beauty and their appearance.
Whether it’s short or long it can be an expression of social conformity and affiliation. In India, cutting off or sacrificing your hair is considered as letting go of your ego in front of the spiritual power called god. No one is greater in front of their god, and by sacrificing your hair in the name of god, you are letting go of your ego and your everyday life routine and devoting time for god.
Virgin Indian Hair
People in India usually donate hair because they are grateful for a blessing or asking for a blessing. Everyday thousands on Hindus gather in a temples where devotees sit in rows and have their heads shaved.  The hair is then collected and kept aside for auction. Only the affluent people take part in the auction of the hair from the temples as the hair has to be bought in bulk and can literally cost millions and millions of dollars. The hair in these auctions is usually sold by the tons. A chain of buying continues from the smaller main buyer to various middle men and wholesaler distributors. The large quantities of hair is sent to the factories of the suppliers and then it is hacked and sorted by length. It is then washed using industrial shampoo, sterilized,  conditioned, and dried under the sun outdoors.  At times the hair is processed non chemically to obtain unique textures and curl or wave patterns. After drying, it is drawn and tied into bundles.  The hair is then ready for export. It is exported by distributors to salons, beauty stores and individuals all over the country.
In the United States, the hair retails by the ounce.  As previously stated it’s cuticle hair that is not processed, or chemically/color treated. That means no dyes and no relaxers to interrupt the natural curl pattern or color. Virgin indian hair’s cuticles flow in the same direction, keeping it free from frizz and tangles. Indian hair is a treat for most African American women because the Indian hair usually matches our  natural hair color, without the need for additional coloring or enhancement. It’s usually available in natural black or brownish (on the hair color chart it’s 1 and 1B respectively.) Indian hair even comes in natural dark browns and lighter browns, which mixes well with black hair in a number of situations. Indian hair also comes in blondes, reds, and whatever else… but remember, once it’s colored it’s no longer virgin hair.
This hair is most loved because of its durability. It can be reused multiple times while still holding its lustre and natural wave pattern. The texture variations are straight, natural loose wavy texture as well as a tighter curly pattern. This hair is very resilent and unlike packaged hair that you would normally buy from the beauty supply store and throw away after you restyle your hair.  This hair can be flat ironed so a silky straight finish or it can be curled with the use of rods or a curling iron. The natural texture of the hair will return back to its natural state when washed and air dried. Indian hair is a great investment and can take you a very long way, if that’s your sort of thing.  Here are some pictures of me rockin’ the Indian hair.

Natural Curly

Sunnys Hair

Curly 12-14inches

Sunnys Hair

Curly 16-18inches
Sunnys Hair

Wavy 18-20inches
Sunnys Hair

Natural Wave

16in. Eurasian & Indian Hair
Far East Tresses

Far East Tresses

Wavy 14-16 inches
Sunnys Hair

 In my opinion, Virgin, unprocessed the best type of hair you can get in the world. It’s def not the cheapest but it’s a great investment. It gives you a natural free flowing look. It’s free from synthetic or plastic fibers that you would find in some pre-packaged hair wefts. It doesn’t mat up, you can reuse it if you desired. It’s soft and not shiny looking, it easy to maintain because it’s not hair that needs to be heavily styled. Once you start down the Virgin hair path… it’s kind of hard to go back to Milkway and Premium Now (no offense to you if you still use that.) Unless you are doing a quickweave or short term weave.

Below are a few celebs that I’ve seen the rock the hair the best on multiple occasions. 

If you are “Seriously” interested in purchasing virgin indian/eurasian hair email me @ alwaysradianteveryday@gmail.com



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