Snap. Crackle. Popping Nails!

Snap. Crackle. Popping Nails is right! It took me a minute to jump aboard the shatter/crackle nail polish train, but I finally spent $7 on a bottle of crackle polish from CVS. I walked past the display and right before checkout I turned around and picked up the last bottle of “Fractured Foil.” Thinking to myself… “Man… I could have bought a dinner from Boston Market, Oh well!” I’m liking the polish nonetheless. I got the pink color Jade “167 Sensable” nail lacquer from a friend of mine who owns a nail spa in Madison, FL. She was upgrading the polishes in her shop to Essie and OPI so she was sweet enough to donate me her older line of polishes. “Thanks Thuy!” I purchased the “Fresh Teal” polish from CVS. It’s from Milani’s Spring 2010 Neon Line. I absolutely adore this polish and its glossy matte finish. You don’t even need top coat with this and it dries smooth and shiny! I would advise that if you are using a heavily pigmented nail color please apply a base coat first so that you don’t stain your nails.
Here is what the Milani Spring 2010 Neon collection looks like:

Here’s the Sally Hansen Crackle Overcoat collection:
Below are the two I purchased from those 2 Nail Polish lines above…
The “Fractured Foil” Crackle color over the “Fresh Teal” turned a goldish hue. It doesn’t look bad but I didn’t expect the color to oxidize and turn gold. If I wanted gold I would have gotten the gold Crackle color. It didn’t oxide and change color over the pink. I still like polishes though! Have you Crackled or used Shatter polishes, yet? What’s your favs?

What are your thoughts?

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