Happy Friday Ya’ll

I bought a new laptop yesterday. I’m waiting for it to be shipped. This is my 3rd laptop. The other two… well lets not discuss those two. LOL! I was working off of my husband’s netbook, that he hardly uses since I’ve taken borrowed it from him. I need something a bit faster when it comes to uploading videos and data. I have to shift all of my photos from his netbook to my new laptop once it gets here. I can’t wait. The speed of the other device was driving me nuts and putting me behind with updating my YouTube Channel. This laptop is suppose to be a lot faster than the ones I previously owned. My husband the “techie” gave me a little lesson on how to understand the specifications when reviewing and  looking for electronics such as computers and camera equipment. Geek Squad eh? Him not I! LOL! When that new device arrives and I get it customized to my liking, I’ll be posting more on the site, uploading more and hopefully posting videos to my YT channel! Hang in there with me guys! : )  I’m really looking forward to this weekend. I’ll try to rest. I usually clean my house from top to bottom on Friday evenings so that the rest of the weekend… I don’t have a load to do. So expect me to tire myself out later today. *wipes imaginary sweat from brow*

I appreciate everyone who is subscribed to my channel, I appreciate the comments and all the interaction that you guys give. If you have any questions and want to see me try a particular look, feel free to message me or email me at alwaysradianteveryday@gmail.com.

The CONTEST giveaway for the 13th SUBSCRIBER has ended and we do have a winner. The winner is aware that she has won and I will post who she is and what she won in a later post… I ordered something for the winner from a site online and it hasn’t arrived yet, so as soon as I get it… I can show you guys the contents and officially announce the WINNER by name and photo! There will be other giveaways and trivia in the future. Stay tuned!

You may not have been the winner of this particular contest but you are Always Radiant in the contest of life.
Thanks for your support and God bless!
Always Radiant Everyday

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