The Eye Map

Here is a diagram that might assist some of you in understanding the structure of your eye where it concerns applying eye makeup. “Us” Makeup Artist might use terms such as “inner V” or “waterline,” and you may have heard some MUAs on YouTube say “crease area” and you’re like… huh? Well, hopefully this sketch can help you understand off hand the various sections of the eye and where eye makeup is applied.

Brow- Brow powder or an eyeliner pencil to darken or fill in sparse areas of the brow, or change the shape of the brow altogether.

Brow Bone- Bone above the eye socket, usually where highlight/shimmer eyeshadow color goes depending on the eye shape.

Crease- the section of the eye lid that sits directly above the eyeball and under the brow bone. This is where the eye contouring happens.

Lid- the eyelid (simply put)… this is where you can get as creative as your abilities permit when applying eyeshadows, pigments, and glitters.

Inner V- (tear duct)-The inner corner section of the eyelid closest to the nose.

Outer V- The outer corner of the eyelid closest to the side of the face.

Top Lashes/Lash line- Eyeliner (with a steady hand), Mascara and False Lashes goes here (you knew that already though… I hope!)

Waterline- Section above the lower lashes, a common area for applying eyeliner (use a steady hand though.)

Lower Lashes- Same as top lashes….Mascara goes here also (use steady hand here also).

Well, ladies… there you have it…. a brief explanation of the eye!

Any questions? Email me….


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