Organizing the Shoe Mountain (LOL)

Are you a Shoenista? Do you keep your shoe stash together? I was on YouTube yesterday when I received a message from a fellow YouTuber who asked me how many shoes do I own. It was a weird question to randomly ask so I answered her back in a message. Her question caused me to ask myself… “yeah, how many shoes do I own so I stood in front of my closet and just looked down at the mound of unorganized shoes in front of me. I wasn’t going to get down there and count them. I just knew that they needed to be organized. By MissMorenaMatulau asking me that question… it motivated me to get in the closet and straighten up my shoe area. This was something that I had been putting off for a long time, but every morning when I needed to find I show I complained about having to get on my knees and dig around to find a match. Ugghhh!

Check out the video of how the mess looked before and see the pictures on how it turned out afterwards.

I put some boots and sneakers in the storage bin. The rest are in the garage. Out of site out of mind and hopefully on their way to Goodwill.

Much Better! Lets pray I keep it this way! I know I’m not the only one… who else has/had a shoe mountain  in their closets? How do you keep your shoes organized.

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