Wet ‘N’ Wild Summer Release!

Sooo… our friends over at Wet ‘N’ Wild unleashed there new July 2011 Collection upon us. Yay! It’s their Wet n Wild Dream Weavers Color Icon Eyeshadow Trios collection. These very affordable mini palettes do excellent for those lookin’ to build their “color obsession”. When I saw the price I was like WOW, just $2.99? I heard through the wire that you might find these darling little palettes at your local Rite Aid, Walgreens and WinnDixie Grocery Stores. *Its not a definite but if you find them anywhere else please let me know* These palettes are limited edition, and if you are a makeup lover like myself then you hate to see the words “limited edition”.  Here is what the store display looks like:

33645 Bright Idea
33646 We’re Blasting Off
33647 Dancing in the Clouds
33648 Fly Me to the Moon
33649 Earth Looks Small from Here
33650 Enter a New Realm
Picture (above) from http://www.abrillantbrunette.com/
I am excited about adding these to my collection and seeing the color pay-off for some of those greens, blues and even that red. Hopefully these are available in the city that I live in. I will be doing a haul with swatches once I locate them! Wish me luck! : )
Always Radiant Everyday

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