Give me the Silent Treatment!

I stopped by Walgreens yesterday evening looking for the NEW eyeshadow trios from Wet N Wild. I couldn’t resist… I mentioned them in yesterday’s post. I didn’t find those, but I did find other eyeshadow trios from Wet N Wild from previous seasons. Not what I intially wanted but Hey! They were $2.99 each as expected and I purchased 3 this time. *I’ll review and do looks on the other ones later* I did a look with one of those palettes this morning. I can honestly say that Wet N Wild eyeshadows are 1 of the best drugstore eyeshadows as far as pigmentation and durability goes with just swatching alone. I can really get down with their products. Okay so one to the palette and the look….The look I did this morning was with the “Silent Treatment” trio and there’s definitely nothing hush about these colors.
Here’s the palette:

Wet ‘n’ Wild Silent Treatment Color Icon Eyeshadow Trio

Here’s a closer look:

Wet 'n' Wild Silent Treatment Eyeshadow Trio
This trio comes in soft yet shimmery cool neutrals such as the mauve-silvery toned eyelid color. The crease color is a dark plum-brown color with gold specks in it but the gold specks hardly transfers when applied to the crease area, they almost disappear. The crease color would do a great smokey look, that I’ll save for a later date.The browbone color is a nice nude shimmering peach color that give the look a little warmth.
The Look
I used a light hand while applying the browbone color because I was headed to work…

Again, I must say that I am absolutely, without a doubt, feelin’ these Wet N Wild palettes! They have an excellent color pay-off, great blendability and pigmentation and they last a long while. I am very very pleased with the $2.99 I spent on this. If you happen to be visiting you local drug store… don’t sleep on these!

If you are reading this… don’t forget to scroll down and feed the fish today! LOL!
Always Radiant Everyday

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