DUPE Alert!!! Ruby Kisses Eyeshadow Magic Primer vs UDPP

While taking my usual stroll through my local beauty supply store I stumbled upon the huge Ruby Kisses display and secretly swatched a few of their items before purchasing. I ended up buying quite a few different products from the line, one of which, was the Magic Eyeshadow Primer by Ruby Kisses. It was only $4.99 and actually I didn’t hold any regard to it because I hadn’t tried it or heard of anyone who has. I used it a few times under some vibrant colors and under the recent Tropical Fish look and I must say…. This is a DUPE for Urban Decay’s Primer Potion. You can save about 15 bucks against UDPP, and I am in no means trying to deter you from purchasing Urban Decay products… if you like it then of course buy it. I just found a cheaper alternative that does just about if not exactly the same thing and I wanted to share my experiences and discoveries with you. : )

Ruby Kisses 24Hr. Eyeshadow Magic Primer $4.99

Urban Decay Primer Potion $18-20.00

I’ve only purchased the UDPP once and after using it up I haven’t purchased another tube only because I have found other alternatives. My thing is “Why pay more when you can pay less and get the same thing?” Now, every beauty supply store isn’t created equal. With that said… you may not find a Ruby Kisses display in every beauty supply store but have no fear. Here is a link to where you can purchase online for the same price—–> BUY Ruby Kisses Primer HERE!

My Review:

This primer has an uncanny resemblance to the original formula of UDPP. This eyeshadow primer is without a doubt AWESOME and it does just what it is intended to do: prevent creasing, allow shadows to wear longer, and makes your shadows POP! You can get a 24Hr wear if not longer buy using this primer in conjunction with your eyeshadows. That includes inexpensive eyeshadows as well. I am satisfied and I will be stocking up my kit with more of these. #HappyCamper

Always Radiant Everyday

4 thoughts on “DUPE Alert!!! Ruby Kisses Eyeshadow Magic Primer vs UDPP

  1. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for the review. I just bought this and can't wait to use it. Was looking for something comparable to Urban Decay as well. I needed a base for my eyeshadow sticks, saw this and thought it was a great deal. I'm super excited I got it now!

  2. Anonymous says:

    i love love love this primer my colors are bright and they dont crease or fade and i slept with it to do the 24 hour trial and i woke up like i just did my makeup. i needed a new primer that would do a better job and this is it…DONT LISTEN TO THE BAD REVIEWS!!! this is great ladies 🙂

  3. Unknown says:

    I LOVE the Ruby Kisses eye shadow primer and found it by “accident”! I was given a sample of the Urban Decay and didn't care for it. I'm also allergic to silicone but can use this without any issues and my eye lids don't “eat” my eye shadow!!

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