Review: Lucid Cosmetics

I recently purchased a tube of lip gloss from Basketball Wives, Jennifer Williams’ cosmetic line called Lucid Cosmetics. When she first made mention of her new line on Season 2 of the BBW I went to the site, which at that time it was under construction. It allowed me to enter my email address and receive updates on when the site was fully launched. Well I received a discount code as one of the first 50 people to sign up. I purchased “Tropez” which is a rose-bronzed colored shade. All of the lip glosses from this line are retailed at $18.50 in .25oz tube.

Lucid Cosmetics partnered with Michael Todd and created 5 shades of colors named after William’s favorite places to visit, Tropez, The Hills, Sobe, Napa and Big Apple.

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The Pros:
* It’s very pigmented, almost like a liquid lipstick
* It blends well with other lip products
* Packaged in a slim, easy to carry in your pocket tube
* It has a nice scent
* It’s definitely buildable and looks amazing over a matte lipstick.

The Cons:
* It has a grainy feel when you rub you lips together, sort of like having glitter on your lips
* The glitter particles in it are left behind even after you have washed it off (not a bad thing however.)
* The silver top has poor craftsmanship, it isn’t glued on so it pops off

I blended the lipgloss in with Victoria’s Secret Beauty Rush in “Slice of Heaven” to soften the color because it was too bronzy on my lips. I absolutely hated the grainy feel on my lips but after I mixed another product with the Tropez, the graininess went away.

Overall, Its an okay lipgloss.

Would I reorder from Lucid Cosmetics? Maybe, I want to try “The Hills” which is a soft pink color.

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