Bronner Brothers Hair Show Haul

The Hair Show was absolutely bananas and I almost lost my mind there. I was in beauty heaven and my eyes were definitely larger than my pockets but I managed to stock on on some items for ever-expanding makeup kit, it was inevitable! There were vendors everywhere selling all items beauty and cosmetology related. While my feet ached from all the walking, I still trotted down every aisle with my tote bag in hand. Here are some of the items were purchased.

Vendor: Modern Basic Beauty

 I could not leave this expo without being brushed! These brushes are without a doubt incredible. In order from L to R; 813 Small Precision, 810 Pointed Fluff, 842 SX Precision, 811 Precision Fluff, 801 Dome Blending, 937 Oval Foundation, 908 Dome Contour. I love these brushes… they are so soft and they are EXCELLENT quality.

Lip liner Pencils from Vendor: Modern Basic Beauty

Italian Badger IB108 Oval Shadow Brush from Vendor: Morphe Brushes

Lip Glosses from Vendor: Modern Basic Beauty

10 Lip Gloss Palette from Vendor: Morphe Brushes

MAC’s Surf Baby Collection

MAC’s Surf Baby Collection

32 Lip Color Palette from Vendor: MaRee Antonette Cosmetics

MAC’s Eyeshadow in “Play on Plums”

Pigments from Vendor: MaRee Antonette Cosmetics

Hicks “Edges”

Hicks “Edges” Slicks down your edges without flakiness or greasiness! Great for those with Natural Hair

“Specter” Yellow Eyeshadow from Vendor: Modern Basic Beauty

Oil Blotting Sheets from Vendor: Clear Essence
I will be posting a detailed haul video with swatches on my YouTube channel very soon so be on the look out for that!

One thought on “Bronner Brothers Hair Show Haul

  1. Gabby says:

    Shot out to you Rae!!! Keep doing what you're doing b/c it is helping those of us that are make-up impaired {hehehehe}. I was one of those that would say: it don't take all that! But through your blog and YT channel (and others) I'm learning – who'da thunk it?! Thanks againg for doing whatchu do!

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