A Natural Hair Sorority: Pi Nappa Kappa

Would you, yourself… if you were natural… join a Natural Hair Sorority? Founder, Leola Anifowoshe, came up with the idea for the sorority but said that it would only be considered active if 10,000+ people pledged. The name of the sorority is called Pi Nappa Kappa. I giggled at the mere thought of it but these ladies are serious! According to Pi Nappa Kappa:

Pi Nappa Kappa Natural Hair Sorority (PNK) was founded in 2010 and is dedicated to the advancement of natural hair knowledge, preservation and the development of integrity.
In order to thrive and excel, this natural hair community must preserve the freedom of thought and expression of all its members. A culture of respect that honors the rights, safety, dignity and worth of every individual is essential to preserve such freedom.
By choosing to be members of this natural hair sorority, we pledge our respect for the standards of the Sorority and for the rights and well-being of all its natural members.

As a member of the Pi Nappa Kappa Natural Hair Sorority, I pledge that:
1. I am a smart, special, valuable person!
2. I respect myself and I respect others.
3. My words and actions are kind and honest.
4. I will respect the dignity and essential worth of all individuals.
5.I will promote the diversity of opinions, ideas, hairstyles and backgrounds which is the lifeblood of the sorority.
6. I will promote a culture of respect throughout the natural hair community.
7. I will not tolerate bigotry, discrimination, violence, or intimidation of any kind.
8. I will practice personal integrity and expect it from others.
9. I will always be proud of my natural born hair.
10. I accept only my best in all I do.
I am PROUD to be ME!

Apparently, she is not allowing individuals from the Caucasian persuasion to join this sorority. Hmmmphh! Wonder why? isn’t that discriminate? What if I have Mariah Carey’s complexion but I am an African-American… do they require a birth certificate as proof of race?

The group has over 3500 members to date and they even have colors, a call, and a hand sign. I have my reservations as it relates to sororities and any greek-lettered cult sorority, but those are just my own personal reservations. I would hate to see what happens when a member decides to get a relaxer… do they get kicked out of the group and are no longer active until their kinks and coils are restored? Who knows… but if this is of any interest to you…you can gather more info or even pledge on their facebook site… http://www.facebook.com/l.php?u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.pledgebank.com%2FPiNappaKappa&h=YAQA4QTC-.

Hmmmpph! What are your thoughts?

What are your thoughts?

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