A Quick Nail Polish Haul

This weekend I made it my business to go inside a beauty supply store while I was visiting Sunny Miami. There are beauty supply stores on almost every corner so the choice was difficult. Lol. I usually go straight to the lip gloss and nail polish section and browse for something new to add to my collection. I managed to pick up these three nail lacquers, and while I probably have some similar colors at home I didn’t have this brand… big difference. In order from L to R: Emmi & Olli Go Bananas, Samantha’s Putty, and Murray Me! by BRUCCI.
Emmi & Olli is a matte pastel yellow.
Samantha’s Putty is a matte purplish-taupe.
Murray Me! is a pearlized teal with a high shine after it dries.
I purchased each bottle for $2.50 and the tested them on nails before I left the store and they have a great color payoff. With any nail polish my personal recommendations are to use a base coat to protect your nails and tips from staining and a top coat to finish the set and add shine.
I am happy to add these to the collection and its looks like I will need to build another wall nail rack. Have you purchased any new nail colors lately?

What are your thoughts?

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