Tools on Deck: Brush Belt

I’ve been really procrastinating on getting this one item and I finally ordered it. I know, I know… you are probably saying… “well isn’t this a Makeup Artist’s essential product?” It is! I’ve just placed it at the lower end of the totem pole being indecisive on which one I wanted to get. When I have my eye open for an item it can take me weeks sometimes even months to get it because I love to watch reviews and see what other consumers are saying about the product before I even “makeup my mind.” Well my mind got it’s makeover and I decided to purchase this Belt Brush from for $17.95 and I love it! It shipped really fast… check it out.

I’ve already started filling it with a few my brushes….


This belt is great for artists that have large variety of brushes and it makes it easily accessible to have the brushes on you as opposed to reaching for them on a table. The belt also has an adjustable strap that fits just about anyone. I find that some of the pockets are pretty deep so you have to keep an eye out for the shorter brushes or they will on into hiding. LOL! Most MUAs compare this belt to MACs brush belt, it just doesn’t have the logo. I personally could care less if the belt was MAC or Gucci… just as long as it serves it intended purpose. I would recommend this brush belt to all who are serious MUAs.

What are your thoughts?

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