Haulin’ & Reviewin’: Sonia Kashuk Limited Edition 3 Piece Starter Kit

The best times to go beauty shopping for me is late nights while the average American is home in their beds after showering and having dinner. Less traffic. Less crowds. I enjoy it because that’s when the stocking crew is out restocking shelves and changing prices. I said that to say… I went to Target and on the clearance shelf was a Sonia Kashuk Limited Edition 3 Piece Starter Kit for $17.98. It was the last one left and it’s all mine! If you know anything about quality makeup brushes, you know that a good quality brush can run you anywhere from $15 to $50 depending on the brand and type of brush it is. Well, I got 3 quality brushes for the price of one. Woot Woot! As a Makeup Artist you can NEVER have too many brushes. Each brush has it’s own personality and by personality I mean… it has its own effect when using it to apply a product.

This kit came with a a Blusher Brush for applying powder foundation, minerals or blush, a Small Synthetic Concealer Brush for concealer dark spots or blemishes, and a Large Domed Eye Shadow Brush for applying, blending and contouring. This starter kit also includes a Beauty Brush-Up book with insider application secrets from Sonia and a guide on the different brush shapes and uses. Individually these brushes retail at:
Blusher Brush $17.99
Small Synthetic Concealer Brush $9.99
Large Domed Eye Shadow Brush $9.99
These brushes are very soft. I haven’t experienced any shedding so far. They pick up a lot of product and apply product flawlessly. I’m using the Domed Eye Shadow Brush as a large crease/blending brush. It blends soooo well. I like the contoured shape of the ferrule (handles) because it allows for an easy grip! I’m sort of clumsy!
So far so good!

What are your thoughts?

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