Review: Coastal Scents 88 Metal Mania & 36 Smokey Eye Palette

Our friends over at Coastal Scents recently had a 30% off sale on their palettes. I could have went crazy except I already have most of them in my collection. What I didn’t have was the 88 Metal Mania Palette and the 36 Smokey Eye Palette, so I politely pulled out my debit card and helped myself.

Now, I can not remember the prices But just know that it was 30% off of the regular price of the palette. Here’s what I got:

88  Metal Mania Palette

36 Smokey Eye Palette

My Take: The Metal Mania Palette is very pigmented when used with a base. The entire palette will give you shimmers and metallic and it will also give you a foiled eye shadow looks if you use the shadows wet. The Smokey Eye Palette is incredibly pigmented as well and you have all the groups of colors needed to make a successful smokey eye effect. I do however recommend that you use a base/eye shadow primer before applying any shadows to create staying power and to prevent your look from creasing. Visit to order. Have fun!

What are your thoughts?

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