Do It Yourself Laptop Screen Replacement!

Just recently, I was stoked about a new laptop that my husband had purchased for me. It enabled me to blog more and upload videos to my YouTube channel a lot quicker than the previous one I demolished. I promise you, it wasn’t even 6 months old and we didn’t pay for the extended warranty, shame on us. One evening as I was transitioning into another room, I picked up my PC by the screen, a HUGE no-no by the way and lo and behold I damaged the LCD screen. Immediately the room got black and I feel to the floor screaming, “Nooooooooooo!” I was devastated and even more so because I had to call my husband and notify him of what had just transpired. I called him, nearly in tears and all he said was “Awww Bae we can get it fixed!” Such a sweetie, I know! After the incident I kinda just charged it to the game as a loss, but what I didn’t know  was there was this awesome site called LaptopScreens that carried all kinds of replacement screens. I went on HP’s repair site and even Best Buy to price the repairs which would have been an arm, leg and a throat of a price tag. I found the model of my computer and they had a replacement screen for it on I wasn’t going to spend my $136 without reviewing the site first and the reviews are amazing! I seemed like everyone had nothing but great things to say about the site, the shipping and the whole repair-it-yourself experience as a whole. Was I convinced? You darn right! *Punched the card numbers in and clicked purchase.* I ordered it on a Sunday evening and it delivered on a Thursday. It ships from Canada by the way. I followed a tutorial by a YouTuber named Screen Surgeons and I was able to take the PC apart, I don’t normally take gadgets and gizmos apart, I actually wanted my husband to do it but he had to work late and I was anxious in having my laptop back. Check out the mess I made:

When I told my husband that I took the laptop apart and replaced the screen and it actually worked he was happy and gave me a verbal pat on the back! Hooray! Does that make me a Tech-Know like my husband? I don’t think so and I won’t be geek squading in the near future… I’m stickin’ to lip glosses and eye shadows for now but I does feel good Doing It Yourself! ❤

What are your thoughts?

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