Sephora | In The Nude: Moonshadow Baked Palette

While in Sephora looking to see what was new I saw this Moonshadow Baked Palette. I swatched a few colors on my fingers and instantly fell in love.
Sephora list the color names as: Cream, Light Bronze, Soft Gold, Peach, Taupe, Silver, Deep Brown, Honey Brown, Deep Sienna and Plum.
This palette offers an outrageously gorgeous amount of shimmer in 10 baked pods. I purchased this for about $28 at Sephora but I recently heard that you can catch these on sale on a good day considering you can get 3 MAC shadows for the same price. Go Figure! What I like about this palette is the amount of product you get. They are definitely pigmented and give off a diamond dust of shimmer, it comes with a nice mirror also so this would be a great palette for traveling. What I didn’t like about this palette is there is a bit of fallout so be prepared to be wiping your cheeks with a makeup cleansing cloth to remove the residue. The palette also doesn’t come equipped with that silly sponge/foam applicator thingy, and that might be a good thing. 
Another great thing about this palette is that you can use the foil method to get a deeper and more pigmented application. To foil your eye shadows is simple, it consists of adding a bit of water or fixing spray to mist the shadows while they are on a brush and apply them with a slight amount of moisture.

This would be an excellent palette for bridal and glam looks. I can’t wait to use it and make someone drop dead gawjus!

What are your thoughts?

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