On my morning stroll in Walgreens I stopped by the beverage aisle to grab a drink for work. I came across the FRUBOB. Apparently, these are new drinks out on the market so I had to try it. Initially I didn’t expect much first hand, so I grabbed the mango flavored one, put it back and swapped it for the pineapple flavor instead. I love pineapple.
If you love pineapple you will love this! I couldn’t believe how incredible refreshing this beverage was. It has bits and pieces of fruit on the inside. It’s literally like having fruit bobbing around in your drink! Yum!
 For you health buffs, it contains 4 serving of fruit per bottle,
it only contains 70 calories, there’s no added sugars and its 100% juice from concentrate. This may be good enough to dilute a little and give to the kids or even blended for a smoothie. I’m getting ideas!
According the the folks over there at Frubob:

Frubob was created and marketed 4 years ago by Dr. Chris Davies, a British heart surgeon. At that time Chris was determined to make a healthier, all-natural alternative to existing Fruit Floats loaded with sugars and artificial flavors. Quickly becoming an international phenomenon, Frubob is offered in 11 countries worldwide and soon will be offered in 9 new countries. Frubob was introduced into the U.S. market Memorial Day Weekend 2009 by co-founder Tom Kazbour. Today, the British born beverage is quickly becoming an American favorite and is the ONLY 100% natural Fruit Float with real pieces of fruit bobbing in real fruit juice.

The FruBob’s come in an assortment of flavors such as Orange, Peach, Mango, Pineapple and Strawberry Banana. I purchased the pineapple one for about $1.89. It was the best $2 bucks I spent today *sips slow*…
I found it best to shake the bottle before you take a sip because the fruit tends to settle at the bottle when you leave it sitting for a while.
Oh and by the way, they have a really fun & cool website also. On the site you can find all kinds of drink recipes and fun facts about Frubob. Go check em out…

One thought on “Frubob!

  1. Michelle says:

    Well Radiant, Frubob Fruit Floats would love to thank you for your favorable review. It's so nice to hear from our fans and we're proud to know you. It would appear from your site that you are a woman of great taste and finesse. If you send me an email to I would be happy to send you a fabulous Frubob Teeshirt as a way of saying thank you for spreading the word. Have a wonderful Happy Thanksgiving! Bob On!

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