In a Glance | Glossy Box

Recently there have been many companies that have started online that allow individuals to pay a monthly price to receive sample-sized products ranging from beauty, hair care, skin care and even cosmetics. I have had the honor of subscribing to a few of those programs online and I have mentioned them and done many reviews on the products that I receive on both this forum and YouTube. I am a proud member of the BirchBox and Influenster community and I love it.

I recently watched a YouTube video from LizLizLive as she opened her new Glossy Box. I absolutely adore her channel and her accent, she is such a doll. Check what LizLiz received in her box:

This was my very first time every hearing about Glossy Box and when I went to the website I realized why. Glossy box currently poppin’ in the UK *insert hurt feelings here*. However, they will soon branch out to us U.S. citizens in the upcoming months and they allow for you to enter your email address to keep posted on when you can submit your subscription to receive these Glossy Boxes *jumps for joy*.

One you subscribe, all you have to do is complete a BeautyProfile to assist the Glossy Box folks in selecting products that fit your preferences and each month you will receive and indulgently wrapped box filled with 5 high-end luxury samples of perfumes, make-up, body and other care products. If you can’t live without any of the items that you receive you can purchase the full-sized products directly from Glossy. You can choose to fill out feedback surveys on the products you receive and in return get ‘Glossydots’. Once you have 20 Glossydots, your next box is free. So if you do all the feedback you should get one in every five boxes free.
Cool huh?

Those who know me, already know that I like getting stuff. Stuff I buy, stuff given, and just plain ole’ free stuff! So, I am excited to see what Glossy Box has to offer us folks over here in the United States. I entered my email address and put myself right in that VIP line for the day they debut here! Yippee. I believe that the Glossy box will be about $15 per month in the U.S. because it’s curently £10.00 and you can cancel at any time.

What are your thoughts?

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