Intro anyone?

Every time I browse YouTube I see other Makeup and Beauty Gurus with these snazzy intros to their videos. While some are long and others are short I decided to try to create one for myself. I think the hardest part was trying to find good intro music. Do any of you know of any good royalty-free websites where I can download music for free? If so, please share. Thanks in advance. It took me all of 2 hours to look for something and I ended up using a snippet from music I already had on my computer’s play list. Sheesh! Anyhoo. I tried to keep the intro under 20 seconds, given that my videos already run over 10 minutes at times because I don’t always edit them all. Here’s the intro, lemme know what you think? Hopefully, I can get it a little fancier later…

What are your thoughts?

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