Haul | La Femme Blushes from MakeupMania.com

Hey Ladies… I wanted to share with you all one of my recent purchases. After watching such great reviews on YouTube about the LaFemme Blushes, I went on a site called MUM aka makeupmania.com and ordered a palette of 12 blushes for myself! *does the tootsie roll* “Go Rae, Go Rae!” The cool thing was being able to choose all 12 colors that I wanted to add to my palette. It took me 2 days to decide on the actual colors because I relied on swatches from other Beauty Gurus on YouTube 1st before finally making my decision. Shouts out to DestinyGodley & TheSocialiteLife for those very detailed and awesome reviews on the La Femme Blushes.

In my opinion, these blushes absolutely ROCK! They are super duper pigmented and a little will take you far over the moon, so you have to use them with a very light hand and blend well. The cost including shipping came out to be $35 and the shipping time frame was great because, I ordered them on Friday, Nov. 18th and I received them on Wednesday, Nov. 23rd. Just in time for Thanksgiving. Hooray!

The colors I chose for my palette in order from top L to R:
Nude | Mauve | Peach | Cinnabar | Russet | Sienna

Bottom L to R:
Flamingo Pink | Framboesia | Golden Sunset | Magenta | Purple Passion | Bronze


To order products from MUM click here

Enjoy! : )

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What are your thoughts?

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