{+++emBrace+++} | Vol.1

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Hey everybody! I decided to document my journey with adult braces on my blog. It only felt necessary to share this part of my life with my readers in a series called “{+++emBrace+++}”. Growing up, I have always disliked my teeth. I’ve always wanted them starch white and super straight. There were times when I wouldn’t smile as much because I didn’t want to show my teeth so I would crack a half smile or smile with my mouth closed. Often times, people would tell me that I have a beautiful smile and I should smile more. Everyone has their own self-insecurities and this was always something that I was self-conscious about and no one every knew about it. I decided to invest money into changing that because how can I represent the essence of what my name means with hidden insecurities.

This is my time to {+++EMBRACE a more RADIANT smile+++}

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I had my first consultation with my Orthodontist, Dr. Barry on December 5th and the days leading up to the consultation was filled with anticipation and excitement. First of all the his facility was very nice, clean and orderly and that really impressed me. The ladies at the front desk were extremely personable, polite and friendly. When Dr. Barry called me back, he firmly shook my hand, welcomed me and asked me what don’t I like about my smile. *that question reminded me of a scene from Nip Tuck when the Surgeons would ask, “what don’t you like about your body?”* I told Dr. Barry that I didn’t like my smile and that I wanted to straighten out a few teeth on my bottom rack that were crooked and get rid of the slight overbite that I had. Dr. Barry examined my mouth for 5 minutes and he already had a diagnosis and a treatment plan ready. He’s good!

Dr. Barry explained that I needed braces and I would have to wear them for 2 years. I felt a tiny bit insulted because in my head, I didn’t think my teeth were that bad that it required 2 years of braces. Gosh! He informed me that 2 years is the average time that is need to correct certain bites. I won’t complain because it is an awesome investment with results that I will be proud of and can actually see daily, for years to come.
Xrays and dental photographs were taken and added to my records. Taking the dental photographs were weird  because the Dental Assistant, (D.A.) used these plastic tools and inserted them in my mouth to hold my mouth wide open as she took several pictures of the top and lower teeth from all possible angles. The D.A also put in these tiny rubber bands in my mouth called, “spacers”. She placed them in between my back molars to create space for the metal bands to fit once the braces are applied. These “spacers” are a pain in the *you know what*. They are pushing the surrounding teeth apart to make room for the metal bands that will fit around those molars and it doesn’t feel good at all. My gums a swollen, I can’t eat certain foods, let alone bite down all the way without causing pain. Thankfully they will be coming out on the 14th and I can not wait to have them removed. I’ve started rinsing regularly with Listerine and salt water to ease the discomfort and swelling. So far so good. Check out my VLOGS below:

For a better visual on what “spacers” do, see the video below:

I’ll be posting more videos on this 2 year journey and show you how everything evolves. Stay tuned and make sure you SUBSCRIBE to my YouTube channel. Ciao!

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