{===emBrace===} | Vol.2: Pre-Braces Dental Photos

Here are a few photographs of my grill before the braces. The braces go on in about 7 more days from the date of this post (December 14th). I can’t wait to get these darn spacers out. They hurt!!! I am being transparent and showing ya’ll the inside of my mouth and the evolution of my teeth in stages. This may encourage someone who was thinking about getting braces to improve the aesthetics of their appearance or to improve their overall oral health. I’m getting braces for both of those reasons. I will update the progression of my teeth periodically in stages. I’m gonna have these teeth for the rest of my life and they should at least look the way I want them to look. I’m excited about the end results!
This is my normal bite with a 50% overbite…
This is how it looks when I put my teeth together…
They are not straight but they will be! : )

The top & bottom rack isn’t aligned straight

Inside: The front teeth are misaligned and the bridge isn’t symmetrical..
Spacers (white bands) were placed between the back molars to prepare room for the metal bands…

Inside: Slight overlapping and misalignment on the bottom rack…
There is also a visible spacer between the molar in the back..

Spacers were placed between my molars to prepare room for the metal bands…

What are your thoughts?

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