Review | NYC (New York Color) Liquid Lip Shine in Nude York City

My Influenster’s Holiday VoxBox contained a full-sized Liquid Lip Shine from New York Color. It’s in the color “Nude York City” which appears to be a light brown, nude-peachy shimmery color. I received this item to test and I’m really feeling this gloss, it has a sweet cake scent that I’m not to fond of but I can deal with it. It pairs well with lipsticks because there is hardly any color to it. This lip gloss is relatively smooth, and it’s pretty long lasting. The packaging is standard the only downer is that the color name is on the plastic seal so once you remove that, you might forget what the color actually is. Here is what it looks like on:

Have any of you tried these lip glosses by NYC? They retail at about $2.49 and I believe you can find them at local drug stores and mass merchandising chains such as WalMart & Target.

What are your thoughts?

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