Have you tried these yet? Bodycology Healthy Kiss Lip Gloss

I fell in love with these pretty amazing lip glosses on a WalMart run. I was actually suppose to be in there looking for dental/oral hygiene products. I ended up on the value aisle, you know that aisle that has all the nifty travel sized products. I grabbed the ‘Fresh Strawberry & Pomegranate Splash’ and thew them in my cart. There’s a third one, ‘Juicy Watermelon’… I didn’t get that one.. These retailed at about $2.47. They possess a barely noticeable hint of color and they are very moisturizing and long-lasting! I enjoy the smell and the slightly sweet taste of these glossy treats. It’s something about scented and flavored lip glosses that always make me hungry. These glosses will give you all the high-shine you’re looking for without all the sticky and tackiness. There are so many fruit extracts in this gloss, such as olive oil, coconut oil, and cocoa butter. Also, this formula is paraben-free…. It’s really a healthy gloss!

Swatches anyone?

Bodycology Healthy Kiss Lip Gloss
photo swatches from http://www.kizzy-online.com/

Bodycology Healthy Kiss is available at WalMart stores nationwide for about $2.47-2.99

What are your thoughts?

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