Vlogs | The Application of my Braces (Videos)

Hey everyone… I was successful in getting my braces applied and I also captured it all on film. I was extremely nervous and I didn’t want to weird anyone out by coming in with my Nikon to record my experience but the staff over at North Florida Orthodontics is absolutely amazing and they encouraged me to capture this life changing experience on camera. Enjoy!

Oh yeah… The entire application process was easy other than having my mouth stretched wide open for 2 hours (ouch). The cement they used to secure the metal bands around my back molars was sour-tasting and I didn’t like the after taste in my mouth, but I made it through and I was fun recording it,Yes, my arm did get a little tired from time to time so I switched arms throughout the process. I’m looking forward to seeing how my teeth transform. Yippee!

I wasn’t  able to eat like I normally did and the first three days I was placed on a liquid diet. The following 3 days after the liquid diet is the soft diet… I cheated and tried to eat and failed miserably. You really have to watch what you eat and eat with caution. There are a few things that my Orthodontist noted that I stay away from so that they don’t damage my braces. Most of those things are snackables and most junk foods, uuugh! No corn on the cob, hard chips like Doritos, no hard candies like Jolly Ranchers (unless I suck them), or gum, no popcorn and I have to cut things in pieces inside of biting into them. No biting into BBQ ribs, or chicken wings here. I have to teach myself how to eat certain things again. *sad face*

Since getting my spacers in on December 5th up until today Dec 20th, I have lost 10lbs already. That’s a good thing because I wanted to go down a few sizes anyway but I don’t want to complete disappear. I’ve heard of people losing  10-20lbs while having braces. My eating habits these few days have changed and I definitely do not eat as much as I use to. I get tired of having to eat slow and chew with caution it ends up ruining my appetite altogether., so I opt for things like soups and pasta dishes that are easier on the grill. I brush my teeth after every meal religious. My toothbrush and I have become very acquainted. I own about 5 toothbrushes currently and when I snack on an approved snack, I’ll brush shortly thereafter. Flossing is a pain in the butt (you hear me?!),  because I have to use a threader to thread behind the arch wire between every single teeth and this process is TIME CONSUMING but it’s imperative that it’s done. *deep sigh* I found that I tend to smile more with braces than I did without them. Practice eh?

Stay tuned there is more to come… I’ll post pics as my teeth evolve and show you my progress.


Always Radiant Everyday

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