Life Rant | The Black Bonnet Brigade

Good afternoon everyone! I pray you all had a great Christmas! My Christmas in Miami was great. It was time well spent with family and I even got a chance to see some of my old buddies from high school. *Hey ‘Sheida, Hey ‘Shayla!*

Today’s post is a RANT! I normally don’t rant on my blog, but I saw something that disturbed me while I was home for the holidays so I wanted to blog about it… maybe you’ve seen it and it triggered some emotions in you as well. Let’s get right to it, shall we?!

Today’s rant is entitled, “The Black Bonnet Brigade”. On Christmas Eve, my husband and I went to the mall to tie up some last minute Christmas shopping. “The Mall”, which I won’t mention is a relatively large, high end mall. Most people and tourists that come into the city frequent this mall. As we walked around the mall we saw various African-American sistahs walking around wearing these black satin bonnets on their heads. We looked at each other and paused. You know… the kind that “we” wear at night to protect our hairstyles before going to bed. 

Yea… this one or ones just like it…

I, myself own about two of these and they help keep my 18 inches of Remi hair intact at night and they also prevent morning hair catastrophes. I take mine off in the morning and groom my hair before I leave house because somewhere deep, deep down inside I would  feel a bit unkempt when I leave the house with this on my head. No, let me be honest… I feel as though I would look ghetto and classless leaving my comfort zone and going into a nice establishment [where other people took the initiative to get dressed] with this garment on my head. It literally made my husband and I cringe to see this.

Is this a trend in the South? In my opinion.. maybe in yours also, this is NOT a flattering trend. When I see this… I don’t say to myself… “Oooh, I need to rock mine, that’s hot!” You may see members of the BLACK BONNET BRIGADE (Black Bonnet Brigade) in the mall, at the grocery store, in a restaurant, or at the movies. Wait… Yeah… I said it… a chick was in line at the movies with a dude and she had on a “Black Satin Bonnet,” and he had his “Pants on the Ground” so they looked like a match made in hell. #IJS! #IJS!

My question is: “Why is this happening?” Where are the wise grandmothers and mothers that instruct young ladies on proper ettiquette? Why is it that no one is instilling in these women to take pride in their appearances before leaving the house. Some things are totally unacceptable and this is one of them. Is this a matter of laziness? It’s not just about self-respect; it’s about respecting those around you. It truly says a lot about you when you leave the house in a hair bonnet, pajamas or house slippers. It makes you look bad and it allows people to classify you and others and this is where negative stereotypes are created. Stereotypes are hard enough as it is to break. Why contribute to them?
One friend on Facebook says,  “My hair is natural and sometimes hard to tame but there is no bad hair day that can’t be covered with a cute scarf or fedora.”

another says,

“My hubby calls it the Van Gogh Cap.” <—- Ha! Now that was hilarious!

You should always try to look your best in public. You never know who you may run into. You may run into someone important like a boss, an old friend, a pastor, or even your child’s teacher. As black women I believe we should  represent ourselves with class and realize that we present people other than ourselves most times. Are you a member of this Cartel? Do you know someone who is?

“Bonnets shouldn’t be worn in public. Friends don’t let friends wear bonnets in public!! Let’s make a pledge to keep these bonnets at home”! 
*Each One, Teach One*
Here are some head scarve alternatives if you are tempted to wear the Black Bonnet in Public…

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