A Note from the Author…

Don’t you just love car pics? I am notorious for posing and snapping pics in the car. “Ha! I actually think I’m pretty good at it!” <—- My inner photographer speaks. You can actually get a great picture in the car because you have the best natural lighting possible. If only I can get the same amount of lighting when I do my YouTube videos… you'd think I'd be good to go, huh? Well, my goal is to get better at my photography work enough to invest in some more equipment and possibly shoot people and scenery. I'm thinking of starting an online album of some sort with a host of pictures taken by myself. Trying to develop this "eye" of mine, ya know. I am super excited for 2012… I have a lot of tricks up my sleeve and things that I am working on. Don't ask… I don't kiss and tell! Results speak louder than words…See you next year!!
Hugs and kisses to those who have stopped by and stayed long enough to subscribe to my blog. I really appreciate each and every one of you. This has been a brain child of mine for a while and it is still growing and I am thankful to God for the ability to have a platform where I can share my gifts, passions, loves, and my mind with you all! Be blessed!
Forever in my prayers,


Always Radiant Everyday

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