Apparently, one of my “anonymous” readers felt as though I should have at least included pics of an African-American female on a recent post entitled, Life Rant | The Black Bonnet Brigade. Although, the initial post was about my experience in the mall seeing Afro-American females wearing a head garment that most would only wear in the privacy of their own homes, in public. She felt as though my pics were dated and should have reflected a “sistah’s” alternative to the black bonnet. When I posted the pics… I wasn’t posting them to be reflective of any particular race or nationality.  I was merely giving an example of other ways you could wear a head dress in public while you are having bad hair days, if indeed you are.

Furthermore, this is a rare occasion, as to where I would come on to bring clarity or defend anything that I post on “my” blog. Simply because it is “my” blog, however comment are encouraged. As readers or subscribers, I totally allow you to rant and give your opinions as well as long as cursing and/or short hand phrases like, “LMFAO” or “WTF” are not used.  Comments containing the use of those phrases or those similar to them will not be published. *Thanks in advance* Comments allow for the article post to be interactive and I love to hear what you think. I gave what she said some thought, there are others that are visual beings… I am! Pictures help narrate, I toatlly get it!

The anonymous reader had a point though and I agreed when she stated, “Just do your hair before you leave the house.”

So, to appease you my dear… Here are some pics of  “sistahs” rocking head gear other than black bonnets. Anything but the Black Bonnet will do.  *wink*

God knows, I have bad hair days too….

Thanks for stopping by! ❤

Always Radiant Everyday

What are your thoughts?

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