Braces | Still Photos [3 weeks post]

I realized I hadn’t posted any still photos of my teeth with the braces on.  I’m on week three now and so far so good. Ive had a few challenges like trying to eat solid foods and I definitely stay away from any meats that are too tough or chewy and I shy away from foods that are hard and crunchy. I ‘was’ a gum chewer but I can no longer chew gum for fear of it getting stuck to my braces. I stick to mints and just suck on them until they dissolve. I miss my Orbit gum! : (  I’m due for my next tightening in about 3 more weeks. I’ll let you guys know how that goes. My Ortho said that the wires and brackets will straighten as my teeth align properly. She also said that I will have to wear rubber bands to correct my slight overbite. On my next tightening I’m thinking of getting colored ligature (rubber bands) on the bottom brackets only. I’m not quite sure I’m ready to get them on the top. I currently have grayish colored ligatures on the top and bottom brackets.  Here are the pics..

I recently purchased a WaterPik from WalMart. I must say that I kinda like the lil guy. It shoots a jet stream of water on your teeth and gums and cleans below the gum line to get rid of food and other gunk that you may miss during traditional flossing. It does the trick. I’m still excited about the evolution that is occurring in my mouth.

What are your thoughts?

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