Getting Rid of the Dark Armpits for good!

Recently, one of my readers inquired about an older post that I wrote last year on my older blog that had been discontinued. The post was in reference to women and dark or discolored armpits. Sounds weird huh? Actually…it’s not and it’s quite embarrassing for some. It’s an issue that quite a few women deal with and because of it they shy away from wearing sleeveless tops, dresses or even raising their arms for an extended amount of time.  It’s common and I know people who dealt with it.

The top 3 causes for the darkened armpit dilemma are:

1. Shaving–  darkness is caused by hair roots under the skin and shaving cuts the hair off at the surface if      the skin.
2. A build-up of dead skin cells– This happens when we don’t exfoliate under our arms.
3. Deodorant usage -If you take a trip down the deodorant aisle and look at the active ingredients you will notice that most of them contain aluminium chloride, aluminium chlorohydrate, aluminium-zirconium or a combination of thereof. The bottom line is that they contain aluminum. The aluminum ingredient is suppose to stop us from sweating so much, and it does, but the aluminum also stains the epidermis over time resulting in those not so attractive armpits. Try switching to an aluminum-free deodorant or continunue reading…

While there all kinds of remedies, I’ve found that simple waxing under the arms helps this problem go away. I’ve noticed my underarms get noticeably lighter and smooth as a baby’s bottom from simply waxing. If this is not something you can not do yourself. I would suggest you visit a spa or salon that offers this service. It will bless you!

When I was in school getting my Esthetician/Skin Care license, my Instructor told us that waxing or epilation pulls away hair bulbs from the root up under the skin as well as the first layer of dead skin cell that have seem to make its home on the outer surface on your skin or epidermis. When you wax, you pull off those dead skin cells and over time with continued waxing you strip away that dead skin and its nasty discoloration.

It’s also very important to exfoliate your skin. I cant stress that enough.  That is why armpits, knees, elbows and heels of feet get darker because these are the areas of the body that people tend to neglect. Often times a little light abrasion helps to buff away the dead skin that accumulates in these areas.

You can make a cheap and simple underarm exfoliating mixture:
a few drops of lemon juice
 a teaspoon of white sugar

and rubbing this mixture under your arms while in the tub or shower for about a minute or two, a few times a week. This will begin to buff off the dead skin cells and lighten under your arms. If all else fails, see a dermatologist! There are other conditions that cause dark armpits that are related to individuals with diabetes. So these methods may not work if you are diabetic, so I would advise that you consult with your physician.

I hope this helped someone out there. : )

Be Blessed.

Always Radiant Everyday

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