Rolling my eyes at SOPA & PIPA

This new SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) that they are trying to pass really sucks and I really pray that they do NOT pass it into law. This act infringes on our right as citizens of the United States to have freedom of speech and expression.
I’m rolling my eyes at this because it affects all of us as a whole especially if you use the Internet for social  media, blogging, YouTube or even eCommerce. In a nut shell, the bill wants to stop you from using any copyrighted material on your website, blog, YouTube or whatever else. So if you are a gamer, FaceBook fanatic or forum moderator and you or any users on your site post links or “helpful tips” on how to do anything… the big wigs can eliminate your existence online. This bill will give the horned devils government the legal right to totally shut down your website if they wanted to. They are trying to make sure they monitor the information that is shared online. Ugggh! Are you kidding me?! They are saying is that they are doing it to stop the piracy online, *true enough, there is an issue with piracy* but we all know that they LIE and they really have other reasons for doing it. You see,  the Internet allows for information to travel fast. People can rally up all sorts of protest and movements with the creation of free blogs and the click of a mouse. Information can vastly spread and they DON’T like that… It’s evident of what can happen when people all over the globe join to together, we get the [Occupy Wall Street] and other movements that impose on what the horned devils government are trying to slide past the eyes of us Americans. This affects all of us YouTubers who post videos with music playing in the back grounds, wedding videos, or those who like to cover songs created by other artists or anything posted that didn’t come from you, yourself. Blah Blah! We Need to Keep the WEB OPEN and FREE!

Watch the VIDEO below to get a thorough understanding of how this affects you… Oh and by the way, this video has a Creative Commons Attribution license. *so it can be shared and used online*

Enjoy & Spread the WORD!

What are your thoughts?

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