Natural Hair | My Favorite Products

Soooo… I was asked to give a run-down of my favorite products that I use on my natural hair and without hesitation I am eager to share with you the products I use. Please keep in mind that these products that I am about to list are “my personal favs” and what works for me. Everything doesn’t work for everybody, your hair may be at a different state and stage than mine and may respond differently, so if you decide to run out and cop these products for yourself and they don’t work for you… don’t say I didn’t tell you so. With being said, Here’s what I keep in my arsenal:

This is one of my staple products (it doesn’t have to be this particular brand but it does need to be raw and organic. It’s that good ole’ Extra Virgin Coconut Oil. I use it on my hair daily and I use it to seal in moisture after I wash my hair. You can find this at any health food grocery store. SideNote: I created a little mixture of Coconut Oil, unrefined Shea Butter and Extra Virgin Olive Oil and I use that on my hair when I two-strand twist on damp hair. The take down and definition is awesome. You should try it.
 I must say that I totally ove this stuff! I use the Argan Oil Ecco Styler Gel to slick down my pony-puffs and edges. It’s alcohol free and it has a pretty darn good smell. You can find this item at your local beauty supply store or Sallys. If I’m not mistaken… it contains vitamin E and other stuff and I promise you this stuff has made my edges grow back in.
From time to time, I use Optimum Oil Therapy from the Soft-Sheen Carson line to moisturize my hair every other day. It’s a 3-in-1 creme oil moisturizer that restores natural oils, prevents breakage and serves as a heat protectant. This great after you’ve just washed your hair and you want to restore the oils and right before a blow/press-out because of its heat protectant qualities. It doesn’t have a greasy buildup… It kind reminds me of that Luster’s Pink Moisturizing Lotion that my mom would put on my hair growing up… Ya’ll remember that stuff?
L’Oreal EverPure Sulfate Free Moisture Shampoo in Rosemary Juniper. I like this because it is sulfate-free, natural, contains no harsh salts and it doesn’t suck the life out of my hair. I try not to shampoo often unless I have a buildup of gel and dirt hair. I prefer the co-wash method instead.

Suave Professionals Sleek Conditioner is one of my all time favorites… this is an excellent detangler and it leaves my hair extremely manageable and soft after a shower co-wash.

Last but definitely not least and the most important of them all is:

 When your hair is in its natural state, water will give your hair the life it needs. If you can keep it wet often then good but you should always have a spray bottle handy and always spritz or dampen your hair with water. When I wash my hair I try to use lukewarm water.

There are other things that I use on my hair from time to time but these are some of my staple products. It’s easy to become a product junkie when you are starting off as a natural… I was there! When you find a product that works for your hair and your hair responds to it well, then stick with that product. As your hair grows, it changes a bit and some products that you started off using no longer give you that same affect. It sorta like trial and error. I’ve found these to work for me so I have incorporated them into the maintenance of my hair. I am looking into seeing how the Mane N Tail products will work on my hair as fair as growth and strength are concerned.

Are you natural? What products brands do you use and why? Share them with us… We are interested in knowing what other natural use… : )

What are your thoughts?

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