1st Tightening & New Liggies

Soooo…. Yesterday was my 1st tightening of my braces. I was nervous after hearing stories from others about needing to take ibruprophen at least half and hour prior to getting them tightened. I did that, went to church, shouted like a mad woman, but the pain and sensitivity didn’t occur until the next morning. Ouch! I’ve come to the realization that every case is different and my mouth is unique. *wink* With that said… my bottom teeth hurt like nobody’s business. I got my ligatures changed yesterday and that’s all they did. They removed the silver ones in exchange for the tightest magenta and blue ligatures on the planet Earth. Owwwie!

So I’m back to nibbling on soft foods until the pain subsides in a few days *from what I hear* MmmHmm *side eye* I’ve noticed quite a bit of movement in my bottom teeth since setting these bad boys put on, which makes me question whether or not I should be wearing these things for a complete two-years. Honestly, I think they are just trying to come-up on a sistah, but if their come-up means that I’ll have my own set of perfect teeth forever… I’m down.  I opted for the colored liggies this time. I did a lil’ poll on FaceBook and asked a few friends what colors they suggested I get, it was a 50/50 split on pink and blue. So I got magenta-pink liggies on top and blue liggies to the bottom. It’s my 1st time with color and so far, I likey!

Hey…I’ve also lost a lil’ bit of weight, 10lbs to be exact and at the rate I’m eating now it may be a few more pounds are bound to drop off. It’s not a bad thing. I was a person who loved to snack a lot, but when you frequently snack, you have to frequently brush… and that’s for the birds! I remember brushing my teeth about 6 times in one day, and don’t get me started on flossing. Flossing in itself can be a pain in the butt on for delicate gums. Lazy much?! Yessir! 18 more months to go.

What are your thoughts?

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